WWE Champions: Showboat Showtime Gauntlet Blitz Tips or Tricks

So at times, sydrified.com will feature mobile games.

At the moment, I’m obsessed with WWE Champions. I know the mobile app is pretty much Bejeweled meets Pokemon in the sense that you need to match gems to win against an opponent and to get a chance of obtaining your favourite or a high-level WWE Champion.

I am on the verge of hitting Level 40 and I have 29 champions in my stable. I used real-life money to buy The Undertaker’s startup kit and have already bought a couple of Shane-O-Mac’s 30-bag contract.

Ric Flair is my go-to-guy at the moment as he is my only three-star champion but I have enhanced a total of 15 champions.

So right now, WWE Champions has this event called Showboat Showtime in which you need to play Gauntlet Blitz with a crazy amount of showboats. In three hard modes and one normal mode, I gained the technician version of Booker T and the duplicates of Luke Harper and the technician version of Goldust. Sure, I want new champions… but I also know that at my level, I would rather have tokens, props, and posters.

Not unless if the new champions I’ll be getting are two-stars and up.

Okay. Gauntlet Blitz is a WWE Champions game mode where you need to complete a ladder of champions to reap awesome rewards. These rewards are props, tokens, health packs, premium chips, and the most important reward of all… the two-star chips. Gauntlet Blitz is divided to three modes – normal, hard, and hell.

I’m pretty sure low level players can win in normal mode. Hard mode is a different story, especially if you plan to combine a roster of uneven talent scores. But if you can do hard mode, then I advise you to ditch the normal mode because of better payouts. I know champions will likely go down due to difficulty but they also give health packs on this mode.

Chris Jericho is the final boss of hard mode and a player is expected to battle seven strikers and two acrobats. Before the acrobat version of Jericho, you need to battle the striker versions of The Undertaker and Kevin Nash. You need a constant of one two-star showboat, one two-star powerhouse, one one-star trickster, and three one-star showboats in your nine-champion contingent. I am not that keen of playing low-level acrobats (because health is wealth in Gauntlet Blitz) but you shouldn’t do strictly powerhouses either because they too have questionable hit points. The showboat version of John Cena is an important showboat in your deck but only if you equip this champion with his base signature moves. The technician version of Dean Ambrose and the powerhouse version of Roman Reigns should be in your deck with the acrobat version of Seth Rollins as sidebar.

Anyway, I hope you get something from what I shared. I am still trying to learn the ways of this game (I suck during faction feuds) but for a cash-strapped WWE Champions gamer, my team kind of rocks. I frequently post my new champions on Instagram. I go by the name of Lazar Sydrich as a tribute to Daniel Bryan (because he is known in the indies as Bryan Danielson).

I have one other game in my mobile and this is Clash Royale. It took a backseat to WWE Champions at the moment but now that I’m warming up to Clash Battle, maybe I’m going to play the game a bit more frequently.

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