PBA Statistical Stockpile: Alvin Patrimonio

Now Alvin Patrimonio needs no introduction. He owned a lot of basketball gold – team and individual. He also prospered because he remained healthy for most of his career (thus giving him the Iron Man tag). Purefoods also did their best to protect their prized possession... although I kind of blame the management for letting Ryan Gregorio bench him in times when he is well enough to help his team.

Jinder Mahal: WWE Champion

      So let me tell the difference between Jinder Mahal’s WWE Championship win with Jack Swagger’s cash-in for the World Heavyweight Championship.   First up, I thought both men are green but with WWE banking on the Indian wrestling market, I can see Mahal not fizzling out even after he loses the title. … Continue reading Jinder Mahal: WWE Champion

Bostonovela (and enough of the Big Baby talk)

Unlike what the rest of the pack said, I thought they are the ones that need to get their egos shafted and re-align with Ray Allen. Why? Because it would be cooler! Imagine these guys going to Allen’s restaurant in Miami. They could use it as a promotional campaign or it can be the sincerest of actions. This would pit these guys in a different light!

WWE Champions: Evolution Gauntlet Blitz results

Yo. So I’m addicted to this gem-breaking game called WWE Champions. It has the look and feel of Candy Crush but then you’ll discover it’s a lot more than what you actually think of because it also has a little bit of Pokemon in the sense that you need to collect and level up champions … Continue reading WWE Champions: Evolution Gauntlet Blitz results

Jinder’s push should have been Rusev’s!

Watching Smackdown made me realize that Jinder Mahal is a substitute to Rusev. Hear me out. Replace genetic superiority with riches and you have Rusev... with a possible Bollywood deal in India. I also believe The Singh Brothers (the former Bollywood Boyz) are part of Jinder’s stable to make him look strong. Aside from the … Continue reading Jinder’s push should have been Rusev’s!

Eric Menk got his number retired… by Alaska?

Eric Menk deserved to have his number retired (or at least recognized as the people would say). The Major Pain is a former MVP and at one point frequented double-double averages as if it is as simple as tying one’s shoe. But here’s the thing. He shouldn’t. At least... not with Alaska. At the moment, the … Continue reading Eric Menk got his number retired… by Alaska?

Jammer Jamito made a funny dunk. Now what?

  Jammer Jamito’s Eurostep Dunk got a lot of views from both local and international fans... even earning a spot in The Starters program. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, Jamito had a so-so dunk during the first round. He would then try to get a finals spot by using Japeth Aguilar as … Continue reading Jammer Jamito made a funny dunk. Now what?