WWE Champions: Evolution Gauntlet Blitz results



So I’m addicted to this gem-breaking game called WWE Champions. It has the look and feel of Candy Crush but then you’ll discover it’s a lot more than what you actually think of because it also has a little bit of Pokemon in the sense that you need to collect and level up champions so you can fight them with other players to get chips, tokens, loot, and other game-related rewards.

So to spend my time wisely juggling between family life, blogging, working, and playing mobile apps, whenever I get a duplicate… I will write an article about the character. I currently own 35 champions and as of this moment, I have one three-star silver champion in Trickster Ric Flair, one two-star gold champion in Technician Paul Orndorff, three two-star silver champions in Acrobat Seth Rollins, Striker D-Von Dudley, and Trickster Dean Ambrose, and at least 21 two-star bronze champions.

Yeah… that’s it. At the moment I like the idea of collecting new champions but only have a miniscule amount of coins as well as an insanely inappropriate combo of tokens and posters.

So to give you something to check out as I end this piece, here are the rewards I got from the last gauntlet blitz where Evolution was highlighted. This is the first gauntlet blitz in which I won on hell mode and I was able to get D-Von Dudley and Mark Henry as well as a ton of duplicates to power up my stable.

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