Gamer Daddy Issues

I have ditched Clash Royale for WWE Champions. In terms of interactions and rewards, my Creepy Venom squad trumps the team I have in CR. I know Cesaro frequently plays it but I felt the game made a mistake of putting too many characters as well as the overabundance of events to the delight of some.

With that said, I pose an important question.

How does your game activity affect your life?

Like I said, I love WWE Champions. I went with the name Lazar Sydrich because of Bryan Danielson’s WWE ring name but as time passed it became a stupid idea and I am powerless to reset my moniker. I would love the game even more if I get a 3-star powerhouse, showboat, and acrobat because I don’t have enough options to rely on. But yeah, I can live with a silver 3-star Ric Flair wreaking havoc on my foes. Inasmuch as I want to engage like hell on the bi-monthly faction feuds, I have a three-year old son who wants to hang out as well as a family life to nurture. I should devote the weekends to family time but I’m also aware that I need to be at least on the Top 60 of my faction or else I would get kicked out.

So like I said, I pose an important question. Can a married man with a kid play like a single guy? WWE Champions has severe lag issues AND it doesn’t hold a candle as when a child has poop issue. Aside from a cranky child, an angry wife will turn up because she’s doing the housework as I sit in one spot combining a gem with a couple of more gems. And if you go to the mall, it’s hard to play Champions because of connection issues as well as keeping an eye on a rowdy kid. In some ways this is one reason I had to ditch Clash Royale.

WWE Champions has a pause button… CR doesn’t.

For me, a married man with dependents can play these games that require serious attention but only if his kids don’t require that much attention. If your kid is below seven years, then you can grind these weekend-long battles when you have the energy to stay up in the wee hours (or depending on your baby’s sleep habits). The last thing you want to see is your kid despising your gadget as if it’s an evil twin brother.

But even in that capacity, it’s hard to be a serious gamer.

And you’re probably at the mercy of your clanmates on whether or not they would comply with your restrictions.

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