Mayweather vs McGregor: The Battle for Marketability



I don’t know what to think with regards to the boxing match between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor.

I just think these two parties want to get interest for their selves and not necessarily for their respective disciplines.

And if you think about it, this is a testament to the shallow depth of boxing grandeur. Here is a retired boxer perhaps past his prime doing everything in his power to hit paydirt. On the opposing side, we have a warrior in his youth who would rather go out of his element because mixed martial arts isn’t as lucrative as it once was.

If Mayweather fights McGregor, it will pit the grizzled vet with a newbie. Unlike other up and coming boxers, he would cream Conor with his superb slugging prowess. I know Conor fans would say otherwise but McGregor got lured by more or less an evil genius… like what he did to a certain top pound-for-pound fighter a few years back. Sure, Pacquiao is still fighting to this day to cement his status as one of the all-time greats but… who’s exactly pumped up to see Pacman battle Jeff Horn in Brisbane, Australia?

And to those who think that Mayweather is better off fighting Manny Pacquiao again, Conor is going to give Mayweather his millions with a far lesser challenge. In terms of legalities, Money could win or lose without tarnishing his undefeated legacy.

McGregor has already tarnished his win-loss record when he lost to Nate Diaz more than a year ago.

A Pacquiao rematch could put Money’s undefeated streak in jeopardy… even if Pacquiao’s speed wasn’t enough to destroy Mayweather’s defense.

I remember back when Georges St. Pierre employed Freddie Roach to deal with Josh Koscheck. Kos felt GSP’s new move as he got peppered with jabs throughout the match. MMA fans were stunned on how useful the boxing move became because if you think about it, fighters aren’t supposed to bang like boxers. McGregor once trained in Roach’s Wild Card Gym and reports claim that he can be a pro boxer if he wants to. But perhaps this is the same as when CM Punk claimed that he knows Brazilian jiu-jitsu and he would use it so he could win his first UFC match.

So yeah, I guess what I’m trying to say is that I hope Conor McGregor knows what he’s doing. If boxers ranging from Pacquiao to Oscar dela Hoya to Shane Mosley to Juan Manuel Marquez to Canelo Alvarez fell due to Mayweather’s stonewall defense, what would be his chances? The pre-fight word war would produce awesome soundbytes but I doubt if the match would be a classic upon execution.

Hopefully Conor McGregor gets too annoyed and whips a vicious leg kick en route to an interesting finish?

But that would be like pro wrestling.

There are three combat disciplines that could still earn millions if given the right place and opponent – pro wrestling, boxing, and MMA.

Unfortunately the staged world of combat tops the other two sports on this list.

Mayweather’s last boxing match against Andre Berto drew nearly a tenth of the 4.4 million buys he got against Manny while McGregor’s last MMA match against Eddie Alvarez got 1.3 million – and this is light years away from what the Brock Lesnar-led UFC 200 garnered.

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