WWE needs to trust Jinder Mahal


Money in the Bank came and went but for some reason, it wasn’t the same scene-stealing show it has been for a couple of years now.

I know a lot of people hate James Ellsworth’s involvement in the match (since they are booking this is the first women’s Money in the Bank match), but there is another match I cringe upon.

I get why they decided to go with Jinder Mahal versus Randy Orton before the actual Money in the Bank match. For Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan, this is a dumb move but for Jinder, this is neat. If you take a bit of reality in this situation, this is what Jinder Mahal would lobby. If he went on last, not only will Jinder face Orton in the main event but he also need to get weary of the MITB winner. Just look at how Naomi battled Lana before the Mahal-Orton match. Fresh from her shady win, Carmella stormed the ring and distracted Naomi. What if Carmella came there to cash in?

But why wouldn’t the WWE Championship match go on last? And why are they overprotecting Jinder by the overuse of The Singh Brothers? And why is it that Randy Orton can defeat the supernatural shtick of Bray Wyatt but for some reason vulnerable to… three Indians? Can’t he just do the same antics he did with The Wyatt Family? I mean… Orton can go toe to toe with the legends of wrestling but he just can’t stave off the guy who once fronted 3MB???

I know WWE is seriously considering to pimp their selves in India but why can’t they just do a qualifier like what they did with the cruiserweights as well as with the British wrestlers? I know some like Mahal’s title run but they are currently booking him as a more mobile version of The Great Khali. Mahal needs to show his skills – regardless of its tendency to stand out like a sore thumb – to ten-minute matches without The Singh Brothers. He needs to let everyone see his signature moves, his ability to play with the crowd, and hell… his capability to make his opponent look good!

When JBL had a character makeover and got pushed to the moon, The Cabinet cheated only in the end or weren’t as responsible for the win as these two are for Jinder.

The only way to get Jinder over is by trimming his fat and by letting him work his ass for recognition.

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