Lavar Ball Brand coming to WWE Raw!




So here’s a development worth noting.


Superdad Lavar Ball is set for a WWE Raw appearance. He’s basically the basketball equivalent of a chihuahua and I guess he fits right in. If I were Ball, I’d have him go ringside with his kids and have second generation star (or some dick wrestler) to diss him. I guess I’ll The Miz go Hollywood on him or perhaps have Elias Samson pay tribute on him with a song.


But I guess it’s easy for Lavar to act like a heel… especially with a mic in hand. Have him feud with Titus Brand for the right to be The World’s Greatest Dad or have him give Paul Heyman pointers to the point of getting a F-5 from Brock Lesnar.


His shtick rivals that of the WWE version of Donald Trump.


I would watch to see him get beat up.


I guess it’s nice that this news came about. The article I had in mind is the absurdity of Lonzo Ball going to the Los Angeles Lakers. There is no question that Lonzo can play in the NBA but there’s also that Macaulay Culkin-vibe in him. I mean… the mere fact that his dad had to sell the idea that his kid is not worthy of a top pick is just nuts.


I can understand Lavar’s hesitation to bring his kid to Boston but when the Philadelphia 76ers had the right to pick first, at least have his boy contest for that spot because as much as the Lakers are in need of a PG, they are littered with an ensemble of non-injury prone youngsters. Markelle Fultz will have a field day (for as long as he’s healthy) developing his game alongside Team Process but what if Paul George takes his talents to Showtime? Brook Lopez, George, Jordan Clarkson, and Julius Randle could be a cohesive unit by their selves and just take in consideration that Luke Walton never pushed D’Angelo Russell for more than 32 minutes in 20 occasions.


So let’s return to Lavar Ball and his WWE appearance. I just want him to rant inside the ring. Let’s have him say to us that his sons are better and genetically superior that the people inside the arena and moreover… talk smack that fans could tune out of WWE now that his son is playing for the Lakers.


And then The Big Show’s music would erupt.


Then Big Show would storm the ring.


And then Big Show would knock Lavar Ball out… prompting a certain NBA player to come forward and ask for a duel at Wrestlemania 34.


Or has The Big Show versus Shaquille O’Neal match as sailed off the sunset?


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