John Cena and Roman Reigns had a pipebomb and it’s awesome!


I haven’t made a lot of wrestling content lately because I’m a busy man with a kid to nurture. However, I am a busy man with a kid to nurture and a new badass laptop!


So there!


Anyway, I saw this awesome promo between John Cena and Roman Reigns where they unravelled backstage politics and all other shit.


It’s awesome.




I know a couple of years back, CM Punk had this pipebomb promo where he called Triple H a doofus… but in some ways I like this because it had banter. CM Punk got his point across by his lonesome. But what if he also had to carry Roman Reigns on the mic? Okay, I admit that Punk revolutionized the reality-based promos (we had glimpse of this with Joey Styles and Paul Heyman during the first ECW One Night Stand) but I don’t know if he would have done what John Cena could.


Cena is a star. Moreover, Cena is the Hulk Hogan of the turn of the century. Even when Punk directed his speech to Cena, Punk showed Cena as the obstacle. And this is why I like this promo more. Cena needs to talk down on people more because they know that when it comes to delivering what is real, no one can touch Cena.


But it’s not like this is a total loss for Reigns. In fact, Cena gave him a gift. Reigns is a good wrestler with favourable rapport with the audience until WWE pushed him down to our throats. From then on, WWE has used him as a babyface in peril to the realms of Daniel Bryan to no avail. This promo and match with Cena should bring him back to earth. At No Mercy, Reigns should lose to Cena and have heels mock his defeat. Better yet, maybe they can turn Reigns heel by concocting a fake Shield reunion.


If you check out the promo, it feels as if Reigns is tutored to fumble his parts so Cena could further diss his promo work. It’s easy to disregard Reigns’ mic skills but as a person, it feels wrong to laugh at a person who’s blowing up with thousands of fans in his peripheral. Reigns needs to become more human than how he is booked and Cena could be his ticket out.


Anyway if you haven’t seen the promo, check out BLUExDEMONx and MFLG Mark Rambo’s reaction. If you’re oblivious to what they are talking about, just look at his reaction as well as the message board to know how epic this promo was.






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