10 Worst PBA Drafts of All Time: Number Six


Kia or Mahindra or Kia or whatever car they want to introduce (I can’t believe they used the Picanto moniker even if they know that it means “little”) had this thought during their inaugural season that they would directly hire Bobby Ray Parks.

And people laughed.

So without Parks, Kia latched on the best talents of the 2014 PBA Draft and with the eleventh pick, they decided to select… Manny Pacq…

You know what, screw it! I thought for a team that constantly pimp their products, what better endorser than Manny Pacquiao! Sure he’s a bad basketball player and a more awful basketball coach but if this is the approach that they would use to exploit the PBA’s advertising awesomeness, then by Crum… that’s what needs to be done!

Anyway, the problem the league and the fans had with Kia picking Parks is that up to that time, they never had any professional relationship with one another. Parks is the superstar son of seven-time Best Import Bobby Parks while Kia is a car brand he probably rode at some point of his life. Also unlike Blackwater and NLEX, Kia has never participated in the PBA, PBL, or any Philippine basketball league for that matter. If the two aforementioned squads were restricted from bringing in their D-League stars, then what about Kia?

But for Kia’s point of view, their claim isn’t that preposterous.


1988 PBA Draft

This was the draft probably used by Kia as a precedent when they engineered the Bobby Ray Parks thought in their minds. Frankly if they managed to pull that Parks heist off, it would have been one of the most awesome moves a PBA team had ever conceived.

Anyway, the 1988 PBA Draft jumpstarted the PBA campaign of the Purefoods Hotdogs. Formerly of the PABL, the Hotdogs joined the league in 1987 at the expense of the Tanduay Rhum Masters. A year ago, Manila Beer also took a leave of absence. The roster of teams include the San Miguel Beermen – comprised mainly of Northern Consolidated Cement players – that made their 1986 season debut at the tailend of the 1986 season.

One of the perks given to Purefoods are four amateur studs they can directly hire. Add the fact that they own most of the Tanduay core and the top pick of the 1988 PBA Draft.

So aside from inheriting the Tanduay core led by the multi-titled Ramon Fernandez, Padim Israel, JB Yango, and Willie Generalao, they were able to fuse the seasoned veterans with the key cogs of the league’s new generation.

So who are the four uber amateurs?

First of all, let’s check out the 1988 PBA Draft.

To the surprise of no one back then, Jack Tanuan was selected first overall by Purefoods. The former FEU Tamaraw was part of the 1986 Asian Games team that finished with a bronze medal.

To the surprise of no one back then?

What’s with this phrase?

Well… the second pick turned out to be Ronnie “The Point Laureate” Magsanoc – Hall of Fame playmaker extraordinaire who murdered a lot of winning hopes because of his savage shooting from beyond the arc. Dong Polistico, Eric Altamirano, Toby Poblador, and Joel Santos completed the first round with Epoy Jalmasco, Rudy Yncierto, and Demetrio Antonio were selected in the second round. Going undrafted are Jong Uichico and former Purefoods playmaker Jun Tan.

It’s ludicrous to think that the now-Mahindra franchise once dreamt of starting their PBA stint with Bobby Ray Parks in tow but just remember that back then, Purefoods managed to pluck future Hall of Famers Alvin Patrimonio, Jerry Codinera, and Jojo Lastimosa, as well as defensive specialist Glenn Capacio from their respective PABL ballclubs… that had zero affiliation with the debuting squad.

In 2017, this is like a ballclub getting Christian Standhardinger, Bobby Ray Parks, Kiefer Ravena, and Kobe Paras in one swoop!


Conspiracy? I don’t think so.

Back in the day, conduits have yet to rule the PBA.

Or have they?

*** insert chilling music ***

RFM-Swift had to be pressured just to release Patrimonio from his contract. Moreover, both of these brands concerns meat. With RFM joining the PBA in 1990, they could have had a built-in star player (although RFM would eventually claim a stud from Purefoods in Nelson Asaytono).

The Purefoods quartet comprised of one-third of the core that gave the Philippines a bronze medal in the 1986 Asian Games. The Captain, The Defense Minister, Mr. Fourth Quarter, and Capacio would also combine for four MVPs, 16 Mythical First Team citations, nine Mythical Second Team citations, 17 All-Defensive First Team citations, and more than 30 All-Star appearances.

And to think they also have Tanuan and Santos!

All of a sudden, Purefoods became instant contenders. After the 1988 PBA season, the Hotdogs would release Generalao, Israel, Yango, and Abet Guidaben (acquired from San Miguel in exchange for Fernandez) because they have their four prized finds alongside Tanuan, Al Solis, and newly-drafted players Asaytono and Dindo Pumaren and newly-acquired players like Sonny Cabatu, Pido Jarencio, and Naning Valenciano.

And up to this day, we still view Purefoods (now called Star) as PBA studs regardless of win-loss records, achievements, and accomplishments… and it all started with the 1988 PBA Draft.

So did you like number six?

Check out number five!


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