Site News: Grinding

I took a time off from blogging last weekend.

I was playing WWE Champions.

Every other week (or until further notice) factions devote time and energy to score the most points. I’m pretty sure I will remain a Venom guy because its developmental faction doesn’t have enough big spenders.

Right now I have two 3-silver wrestlers – Trickster Ric Flair and Striker Finn Balor. And then I have a couple of 3-bronzes like Acrobat Seth Rollins, Striker Seth Rollins, Powerhouse Roman Reigns, Technician Booker T, Trickster Sheamus, and Showboat John Cena. I have a couple of 2-golds like Showboat Undertaker, Showboat Big E, Trickster Xavier Woods, Technician Paul Orndorff, and Powerhouse Rusev. I have 48 wrestlers in my disposal although I pretty rotated 12 wrestlers when I feuded.

So I’m going to do another Zero In and Worst PBA Draft blog.

And apparently, I’m going to restart my Loyalty Swap-trade article.

Too many trades hap’nin in the PBA.

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