Would the Cultaholic five turn a Radicalz-like surge on the WhatCulture Universe?



I am a fan of the WhatCulture Youtube universe.


I love all wrestling lists voiced by Adam Blampied and at times, his Adam versus Adam series with Adam Pacitti. I also like their PPV predictions as well as reactions because they put a spin on reactions like instilling stoylines on otherwise mundane pieces. At times I get bored of King Ross but I still like his shtick at times especially during the peak of his awesome intros to his WTF Moments. And while I’m not that much of a fan of Jack the Jobber, I did liked it when he got wrangled by Matt Hardy.


And hey, my mood changed on him when he turned heel and called his posse “Jack-o-Lytes”… because the first two syllables of that name is a Filipino word that means “jacking off”.





Wait it has Jack… maybe he knows his faction is all about the boys and their (attached) toys?


Anyway, alongside editor Sam Driver, the quintet had asked for their release from the WhatCulture brand. With the exception of Simon Miller and the other new guys that have since transitioned to their wrestling lists, these guys have logged a sick amount of Youtube time.


If you check out their personal Youtube sites, it has been three years since Blampied has posted on his Adam Blampied channel (although he has another channel that has more recent content called The Posh Guy Who Likes Wrestling… and I bet he’ll change that to his name because… well… he’s more successful as that name). Ditto for Pacitti who has had a bunch of pretty crazy ideas on his channel.


And if you search for King Ross on Youtube, you’ll find a channel with Justin Bieber clips.




Like most Youtube channels who started from small enterprises, a bigger audience attracts bigger revenue and this also meant creative constraints. I am also a Smosh Games fan and this was the same reason behind the departures of Sohinki and Lasercorn (although their Toaster Ghost brand is pretty much an offshoot of their former company).


I get why companies tend to go mainstream to the point of alienating principles but I also believe that a person needs to get his creative juices from the best avenues. It starts out with toned down banter… and then it advances to more shoots… and before you know it, you just find out that you’re overworked… and perhaps underpaid.


Five people departed from WhatCulture and this is the core of their universe. Maybe they will not align with each other after their WhatCulture phase but it’s not an insane thought to see these guys banding to create another wrestling channel extension. I bet they just sat in one pub thought of something zany after bitching about their stressful responsibilities, thought things through, realized they have a captive audience, and then collectively resigned.


And that’s what they did. As per news sites, these five have founded a new company called Cultaholic Ventures. They registered the company two weeks ago and their Radicalz-like departure should give the company the much needed oomph. Like I said, I can see these five surviving their freedom… much like WhatCulture surviving their departure. As mentioned at the start of the blog, I cited Blampied positively and had hit or miss statements with regards to the rest. Perhaps the new channel could give them new characters to work on? Blampied also has connection to the other wrestling channels and could use that said connection to power a more independent wrestling channel.


But don’t go apeshit on WhatCulture just yet. WhatCulture may be losing their subscribers but if you remember the CM Punk pipebomb, fans just can’t get enough wrestling and ditto for wrestling channels. Because of these five, the site became an established entity. For me WhatCulture ranks up there alongside Wrestling with Wregret, Steve and Larson, and Grimm. Before followers lose their minds to unsubscribe, they need to look at the new features of the channel. Jules and Ben are entertaining and I approve of Simon’s constant head slaps (although he needs to lie low and give spots to the newbies).


WhatCulture will survive.


And hopefully the five dejected employees could band together to go head-to-head with their former employer.


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