The 2017-18 NBA (Fantasy) Basketball Season is Upon Us!


A few hours from now, I am going to limit my mobile games.


I will cancel any thought of reviving my interest on Crash Royale… I will concentrate on my WWE Champions character during weekends… and I’ll pretty much forget that Mobile Legends ever existed.


It’s fantasy basketball folks… and this shit is awesome.


So right now I have three accounts – Batangas Holes is my team in my friend’s H2H – Points league, Batangas Wipes is my team in another friend’s H2H – Every Category league, and finally… Batangas Clowns is H2H – Most Categories office league.


I’m psyched.


Really psyched.


So I am going to share my picks for your amusement.



Batangas Holes (ESPN)


League Type: H2H – Points

Draft Date: October 1, 2017

Draft Details: Live Draft

Number of Teams: 20

Draft Order: 16


1 Hassan Whiteside
2 DeAndre Jordan
3 Jrue Holiday
4 D’Angelo Russell
5 Jabari Parker
6 Nikola Mirotic
7 Dirk Nowitzki
8 Kentavious Caldwell-Pope
9 James Ennis III


Unforeseen events caused me to miss the live draft so I asked my friend to draft for me. Said friend did well until the last part of the draft. If I was present in the proceedings, I would have never drafted KCP. With that said though, if I had my head on the draft, I would have veered away from Jabari Parker. Here’s a guy that I would keep in my IR for three or so months. Anyway since then, I have taken Justin Holiday in place of Jabari and Dario Saric for James Ennis. Yup, someone released Saric to the wild. His loss… my gain.


Anyway, the idea behind my picks is their double-double capabilities. Whiteside, Jordan, and Holiday are statistical magnets and I am hoping D’Angelo would exceed my expectations as Brooklyn combo guard. I made a booboo in Parker so I’m hoping Holiday will have a breakout year. Saric, Mirotic, and Dirk have potential but I am expecting a little less given their rosters. I am earnestly checking out the numbers of KCP as he is a potential drop.



Batangas Wipes (Yahoo)


League Type: H2H – Every Category 

Draft Date: October 8, 2017

Draft Details: Online Draft

Number of Teams: 16

Draft Order: 6


1 Kawhi Leonard
2 Kyle Lowry
3 Al Horford
4 Tobias Harris
5 Jae Crowder
6 Nicolas Batum*
7 JJ Redick
8 Dewayne Dedmon
9 Michael Kidd-Gilchrist
10 Tyler Johnson
11 Justin Holiday
12 Jon Leuer
13 Norman Powell


Kawhi Leonard is a fantasy stud which is why I drafted him first. Now I don’t know his current injury details but I still think he’s a good pick with the sixth spot. I went small ball on this draft. I went with a lot of shooters and slashers and my big men can help with assists, steals, FT, and 3-points made.



Batangas Kickers (ESPN)


League Type: H2H – Most Categories  

Draft Date: October 15, 2017

Draft Details: Online Draft

Number of Teams: 12

Draft Order: 3


1 James Harden
2 Kemba Walker
3 Kristaps Porzingis
4 Brook Lopez
5 Jrue Holiday
6 Dwight Howard
7 Jonas Valanciunas
8 Rudy Gay
9 Nicolas Batum
10 Greg Monroe
11 Marvin Williams
12 Ersan Ilyasova


I like this team because I managed to mesh small ball with a rebounding frontline. With Batum injured though, I need to send him to the injury/reserve list so I can acquire a player that wouldn’t mess with my field goals and turnovers.


I am looking for Memphis, Atlanta, Dallas, and Sacramento as free agent possibilities.



So yeah, I’m a few hours away from re-living NBA fantasy basketball. How do you feel about my team? Sound off your comments below and subscribe to the site!



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