2017 PBA Draft: Trade Approved… and WHY KIA WHY!?!




So it’s now official.





SMB gets

Kia gets

Number 1 pick of the 2017 PBA Draft Ronald Tubid
Rashawn McCarthy
Jay-R Reyes
First Round Pick of the 2019 PBA Draft



So what happened to Gabby Espinas, Yancy de Ocampo, or hell… even Keith Agovida for that matter?


A couple of hours ago, Spin.ph had Kia on their stream and the franchise stated that they want to adopt an unconventional, position-less basketball philosophy with a premium on versatility and outside shooting.


The reason why they are adopting this philosophy… is because they have no stars!


Ronald Tubid knows how to be a superstar. I actually like this pick for Kia. Before he was taken by San Miguel, he was single-handedly leading the talent-starved Barako Bull Energy. Tubid took his talents to Shell, Air21, Ginebra, Barako Bull, and even in San Miguel and acted the role as “ace”.




Leo Austria bastardized Mr. Fearless’ gameplay by benching him. Prior to this season, the 36-year-old slasher is never seen in this light. Tubid is averaging career low averages of 3.7 points, 1.9 rebounds, 0.5 assists, and 12.7 minutes in 47 games. Reyes fares worse with 2.3 points, 2.0 rebounds, 0.2 blocks, and 6.6 minutes in 22 games. As for Rashawn McCarthy in 15 games, he’s only good for 1.7 points, 0.7 rebounds, 0.3 assists, and 3.9 minutes.


Again… what the hell.


Check all of my articles… I blame Kia for their insolence. I bet San Miguel isn’t the only team to knock on their doors. For sure a MVP team scoured for the services of Christian Standhardinger and would have used the Kia pick as means. In some ways… it’s also a way for the MVP group to protect the landing spot of Kiefer Ravena. But what’s with the San Miguel offer that made Kia ultra-giddy? TNT could have offered a cast of picks, a slew of new stars, and perhaps even a veteran like Asi Taulava.


Taulava… for Reyes… choose now!


But you can’t blame San Miguel for initiating that trade. For starters, they will never have a top pick unless they lure a down-and-out squad some sort of compensation. Barako Bull were their former dance partner and now Kia fits the bill. And then, San Miguel wants new blood for their squad. Alex Cabagnot and Arwind Santos are in their mid-30s so picking Standhardinger and Ravena are on their radar. But Standhardinger has a live contract with the Hong Kong Eastern Lions… and if there will be contract concerns, then Ravena could be the top pick.


I’m fantasy booking this situation.



If San Miguel gets Standhardinger:


I don’t know if you noticed but amidst the trade dissatisfaction, we never heard any MVP feedback about the matter. If Gilas already has Isaiah Austin in case Andray Blatche lets his Gilas affiliations go, then Standhardinger is expendable. The MVP group are alright sending Standhardinger to SMB – especially with the frontliner bent on claiming an ABL title – but they need SMB to snub Ravena.



If San Miguel gets Ravena:


Now this is the stretch. San Miguel got the first pick… and while everyone is saying that Standhardinger is the consensus top choice, what about Kiefer? Ravena doesn’t have a live contract, he is five years younger than Standhardinger, he listens well, he’s going to have endorsements, and the trade ruins MVP’s quest to annex the two stars to his alliance. TNT assistant team manager Magnum Membrere is the one who gave Standhardinger’s application to the league which means they could part with Ravena if they are that bent on Standhardinger.



So this brings me again to Kia’s psyche.


They have one player they can bring in with a rookie max contract against three guys and the two biggest names on the deal are basically on their last legs. McCarthy isn’t even a young player at 28 years old. Sure they also have the Beermen’s first round pick in the 2019 PBA Draft but with SMB’s current lineup, Kia will probably have a pick slightly above the second round.


Kia didn’t want to break San Miguel’s powerhouse quintet which baffled me because in order to make the league an equal playing field, they need to make Beermen bleed in one part of their vaunted rotation. Case in point: Ginebra. The Kings took the throne because their second stringers are starters in other teams.


If San Miguel has this strong starting lineup, then Ginebra has their kickass 8-man rotation.


Kia at the moment has a 20-man team with less than stellar parts.




Kia took Reyes and McCarthy because they’ll have experience on how to guard June Mar Fajardo and Chris Ross? Yancy de Ocampo had June Mar’s moves when the 4-time MVP gets time off to heal his wounds. Does this mean he’s a better fit than Reyes? No. The answer is no because aside from talent, they need to lock on valuable assets.


Reden Celda had an exceptional rookie year but he did this as an unheralded late second rounder. Rey Guevarra, Mark Yee, Prince Caperal, Jason Deutchman, Chito Jaime, Jason Ballesteros, and Nico Salva are journeymen. Philip Paniamogan, Josan Nimes, Glenn Khobuntin, Eric Camson, Nico Elorde, and Jackson Corpuz haven’t done enough to make heads turn.


The only assets Kia has at the moment is LA Revilla and the injured Russel Escoto. Just imagine Escoto playing alongside Revilla, Aldrech Ramos, Karl Dehesa, Mike DiGregorio, Bradwyn Guinto, and KG Canaleta? Now this is a reach but a season ago, that’s basically how Kia should have looked.


You can say Chito Narvasa is insane for approving this trade and San Miguel shouldn’t have this many weapons but Kia gets the blame here in my opinion.


This is probably the worst trade in the history of the PBA… and here I am turning a blind eye on the whole Romel Adducul for Don Camaso trade of May 2007.








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