Site News: The 100 Greatest PBA Players of All-Time Project!

Nearly a decade ago, I did a blog in which I laid down my 100 Greatest PBA players of all-time. Back then, stats weren’t readily available and I had to rely on my outdated Hardcourt magazine, Wikipedia, and other non-PBA websites for statistical accuracy.


What was then… is still happening now.


Anyway… like I said… this list relies heavily on stats. It would be a dream come true if I had the per season stats of all the best players so I can accurately compare them with each other. Sadly, our favourite pay-for-play league likes to keep valuable information.


It wasn’t funny then. It’s not funny now.


So on with the show.


This list will be divided into ten parts. Or perhaps… one hundred parts! The list’s scope is in between the 2015-16 and 2016-17 PBA season. The seven highest scoring categories consist of MVP awards, Mythical First and Second Team citations, Best Player of the Conference trophies, Finals MVP recognition, being named as one of the 40 Greatest Players in the PBA, and the Pioneer Points.


What the hell is a Pioneer Point?


It’s my way to at least give the originals compensation for missing out on a lot of PBA goodies like the Mythical Second Team, Finals MVP, and Best Player of the Conference. Also, with the exception of Robert Jaworski and Abet Guidaben, it’s a chore to hunt down the complete stats of the pioneers. If a guy like Ramon Fernandez – arguably the greatest PBA player in league history – has a lot of missing seasons in his Wiki page (dammit I am using Wiki!!!), then what about Rudy Kutch, Ompong Segura, Freddie Webb, and others.


You’ll probably see these words repeating when I post some of those articles.


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