Why Kenny Omega versus Chris Jericho would change the wrestling landscape!



Oh hell yeah.


I like this development for a buttload of reasons but it’s pretty much due to the bigness of this situation.


Chris Jericho is an established wrestling entity who never wrestled outside of WWE in nearly two decades. The closest he’s ever been to TNA is the use of one of his Fozzy songs and I don’t think he even did Ring of Honor (correct me if I’m wrong).


If a guy like Cody Rhodes and even John Morrison for that matter can pull off insane presence from their drawing power, then what more from The Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla?


So we’re in for a treat. Kenny Omega faces off against Chris Jericho at Wrestle Kingdom. While I have to admit, New Japan is doing a WWE here by inserting a part-timer to their main event, but this here works. Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle have appeared in this federation but never gained attention unlike what Jericho brought.


With that said, I want to know what Vince McMahon thinks of this situation… because I can see him leasing out their stars or leasing FOR other stars to get that main event feel. While acquiring AJ Styles is damn good for business, I don’t know if WWE has exploited the drawing powers of Shinsuke Nakamura, Finn Balor, Gallows and Anderson, and hell more so with Broken Matt Hardy.


I know they cash in every time with their part-timers but perhaps they could now test the realms of one-offs. They can have The Shield wrestle in Japan provided that The Bullet Club would have their just desserts in Wrestlemania. When WWE tours in Japan, the NJPW guys could beatdown a couple of their stars. And hell, let’s just have Ricochet go to WWE with a part-timer deal so he can win the WWE Cruiserweight Championship, parade it in other wrestling federations like what ROH is doing, so an in-house superstar could wrestle it from his grasp in a major WWE event.


I know in order for this work, egos must be in check. Vince McMahon needs to remember the “world” part of his company because with the exception of Raw, Smackdown, and probably NXT, it’s all but a keyword right now.


But as the fans grow smarter, WWE needs to feed them with original wrestling content. Jinder Mahal is their champion but how did WWE benefit from his win? They messed up an amazing Cruiserweight Classic by segregating it to Tuesday nights (as if it’s a disease to be 205 and under), did little to expose the British wrestlers to the American audience, and came up with an amazing Mae Young Classic with no proper avenue for the women to get over (NXT… or perhaps a new show).


I guess this is the reason why Drew McIntyre returned to WWE as a renewed man and it’s probably the same path Cody, Morrison, Austin Aries, James Storm, and I guess Jericho wants to elevate their name in the business. The thing about the brand split is that the pool of talent turned shallow and the feuds have gone stale. The Shield return could have been a Survivor Series match while the Styles-John Cena match could have been Mania-worthy. Maybe instead of making the cruiserweights exclusive to Raw, maybe they can get in on the action as part of Raw and Smackdown. More wrestlers participating in more publicized storylines… could make the in-brand feuds more interesting.


WWE had a good build in Rock versus Cena. I don’t care what others think because it gave the company a PPV match that transcends entertainment industries enough to put asses into seats.


Two months of wait is in the works for the most anticipated match to start 2018 with a bang. Hopefully WWE does it better and learn from what is happening in the world.



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