Blast from the Past


Back in the day, I had a Multiply, Live Journal, Blogger, and Sportsblog site.


There was a time when I drew 500 visitors a day. I know it’s not much to monetize but because I drew these numbers, I managed to get stints at and






There is this site called The Wayback Machine ( This is a cool site because in some ways, you’re able to access dead sites. Just recently I tried to “harvest” my past Multiply works. I know these articles were written when I was a cocky, braindead yuppie… but you can’t help but marvel on the fact that these badly-written, grammar-challenged, thought-damning works has been part of my blogging regimen for nearly two decades.


So with a couple of alterations (a lot), here is the part of my blog where I preview my past works.


And afterwards, you can surf porn!


Surf porn… I can’t believe I had that as my closing line. To think that it’s partly restricted now. Hahahaha.


Okay I’ll shut up now.


Get Sydrified.




This is why I stopped using ending spiels…