10 Worst PBA Drafts of All Time: Number Nine


Okay so… I had the 1987 PBA Draft as the tenth worst PBA Draft.


As mentioned, they had a MVP in their batch class in Allan Caidic and a Mythical First Teamer in Al Solis. However, these guys are two of five players drafted in this batch and 25 percent of the players that applied in 1987.


And here comes the ninth pick.



1985 PBA Draft


The 1985 PBA season marked the first time the league will commence without two-time grand slam champions, the Crispa Redmanizers. With the demise of the Crispa franchise… came the advent of the Shell Azodrin Bugbusters.


The top pick of the draft to no surprise is Sonny Cabatu. Sure the league had Ramon Fernandez, Abet Guidaben, and Manny Victorino but most of the squads are in need of bigs. Cabatu at best was a starter when he was with Ginebra. The names that comprised the rest of the first round are Onchie dela Cruz, Teddy Alfarero, Noni Robles, Rey Perez, and Leo Isaac. Among the five first rounders, the Blackwater coach is the only name that played significant minutes – being the Byron Scott to Robert Jaworski’s Magic Johnson in Ginebra.


Eleven players were drafted in this draft. Fourth round pick Leo Austria went on to become the season’s top rookie and had a significant career playing for Shell and Pepsi. Likewise to fifth round pick Totoy Marquez. Joey Marquez’s younger brother spent six seasons for Shell, Presto, and Purefoods.


The draft failed to draw the attention of the best amateurs (although the same draft snubbed Vergel Meneses’ PABL Swift tag team partner Jerome Cueto) and played in the league when most of the pioneers are still in their peak.



So did you like this pick?


Check out number eight – and from here on out – the drafts I am going to mention will be based on how poorly they conducted the draft.


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