Chris Gavina has the right to enjoy what he’s doing.



I am not a fan of Chris Gavina’s coaching.


I think he mimics the “no superstar” design of Yeng Guiao.


Although… this may not be entirely his fault.


Christian Standhardinger had contractual obligations with the ABL’s Hong Kong Eastern Lions and this was the reason why he couldn’t come to the 2017 PBA Draft Combine. This may also be the last time Chris Gavina gets head-to-head with the Gilas big man before the draft.


Now I feel the best scenario for Kia is to trade their top pick for Asi Taulava and one of the two first round picks TNT has in their disposal (adding Taulava means TNT needs to include their sister squads). Another idea could be Norbert Torres and two of the first round picks. Kia owns the advantage of getting the best from this pick and I can’t figure out why they are going to settle for a band of SMB subs.


But that’s the way the PBA works. In some ways, I value the opinion of Eric Menk in which he said it’s best for all parties to drop the PBA Draft altogether and let the players sign as free agents. Not only will we see the salary caps of these players… we will also see the rookies play in the best environment where their talents would thrive.


And you have to feel for Gavina. If I may use myself as example, it’s hard to watch the other fantasy basketball players pick first in the draft as you wait for your turn and hope for the best in the latter stages of the first round. Gavina could have had the best player of the draft and instead, he’s stuck with the rotting carcass of pro basketball corruption.


No one believes the team would win with a quartet of benchies. Hopefully Ronald Tubid, Yancy de Ocampo, McCarthy, and Matt Ganuelas-Rosser could prove me wrong.


This led me to this idea…


What are they telling to the main Kia branch in Korea?


Once upon a time, the PBA had three internationally-renowned brands playing at the same time. Shell has been in the league since 1985, Red Bull started their campaign in 2000, and FedEx delivered the goods after Tanduay’s departure in 2002. Shell disbanded after the 2004 season citing financial troubles. FedEx would become Air21 while Red Bull became Barako Bull because the two franchises aren’t properly backed by their international offices. Fact of the matter is, their parent companies can’t see the rationale of having basketball squads in the Philippines.


So imagine how Kia would feel the moment they discover that their team is practically a glorified practice squad?


Now don’t get me wrong. I know Kia (or Mahindra at times) is owned by Columbian Autocar Corporation. They took Manny Pacquiao as their first ever draft pick and The Fighting Pride of the Philippines had a lot of firsts playing for the franchise (oldest rookie, first pro boxer, worst shooting form, among others). But they joined the PBA in 2014 and instead of developing, their roster is deteriorating. Kia has a lifetime winning clip of .286 and they only made the post-elimination round once.


I guess if there’s any consolation, at least we know Chris Gavina’s tenure wouldn’t end this season. For as long the checks are coming, he should try his best to propel Kia’s makeshift to whatever place they would end up.


But I do wish he could get the players that would help his team to achieve a winning season. I mean… how crappy is it to hold a tenured coaching post despite an awful win-loss rate.


But then again technically… Manny Pacquiao is Kia’s de facto coach.


So there.


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